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Federal Reserve Surprises Market as Mortgage Rates Plummet: Market Turmoil Unfolds

Posted by 1839admin on December 14, 2023

In a highly anticipated announcement yesterday, the Federal Reserve delivered an unexpected twist, causing a substantial plunge in mortgage rates. The burning question on everybody’s mind: did the Fed slash rates? Contrary to predictions, the Fed chose to maintain its policy rate without any changes.

Though the policy announcement itself didn’t reveal any earth shattering revelations, a subtle inclusion of a lone word hinted at the conclusion of the prevailing rate hike cycle. However, the real focal point lay in the dot plot—an instrument employed by the Fed to illustrate its quarterly forecast for the Fed Funds Rate.

Following an unsatisfactory September dot plot that had a negative impact on rates, subsequent economic data and Federal Reserve speeches led investors to anticipate a more favorable projection this time around. Fortunately, those expectations were fulfilled, effectively eradicating the unfavorable changes from September.

During a press conference held 30 minutes later, Fed Chair Powell expressed no objections to the significant rate drop, indicating tacit approval of the market’s robust response. This was perceived as an additional validation of the gained momentum.

By the end of the day, an extraordinary drop of nearly 0.30% was observed in the average 30year fixed rate for a top-tier scenario compared to the previous afternoon—a one of a kind decline within a single day. The rate index now firmly rests in the high 6% range, signifying a substantial transformation in the mortgage rate landscape.

Author: Alex Navarro

Ref. Mortgage News Daily

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